Roof Damage Claim Denied? Call TOLLINCHI LAW Now!!!

For most of us, the main purpose for buying a house is for shelter and protection. Protection from the elements that bombard us, day in and day out, is what we, as civilized humans require for survival. Unfortunately, with protection comes a cost.  Roof damage is inevitable with owning a home or commercial property as every roof has a life span. Here in South Florida, hurricanes, heavy rains, wind, high heat, humidity, and even those technicians that install satellite dishes, all further contribute to roofing headaches that can sometime lead to nightmare scenarios.

Claim denied…

So, one random day, you wake up and see a stain on your ceiling. Now, as a reliable insurance paying homeowner, you have done what the bank requires of you and now it is time for you to rely on your insurance company to do what is required of them. You pick up the phone and give them a call. A representative comes out and does an inspection and you wait for a response. The site of the water-stain worries you, but you know you are protected because you pay your insurance. A couple of days pass and you finally get that call and they tell you that your claim is denied or only partially covered.

Insurance companies are not interested in paying you. It is normal practice for insurance companies to deny claims, citing a host of potential issues such as, construction problems, normal wear and tear, or negligence on the property owner’s part to properly maintain the roof in order to inhibit them from paying the claim. At this point you may not know what to do, but TOLLINCHI LAW is here for you.

What do you do?

If you are experiencing roof damage of any kind such as a leak, crack, or complete roof loss, start by immediately documenting the damage thoroughly by taking pictures and video. Assess the damage by using a public adjuster to produce proof of damage for your insurance company. A leak in a roof may have been present before the ceiling stain. It is also important to mitigate the damage as soon as possible with or without your insurance company. Installing a tarp may be necessary to provide temporary protection.  TOLLINCHI LAW recommends getting several quotes from licensed and insured contractors before you file a roofing insurance claim. Also spend some time going over your insurance policy to make sure that you are indeed covered. If your roofing damage insurance claim has been denied, underpaid, or delayed, contact us at TOLLINCHI LAW. Our expert litigation attorneys will work to get you the compensation you deserve. Every case is different and insurance companies have teams of attorneys working on their behalf. They spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to have laws written in their favor. It may feel like an overwhelming situation, but you can put your trust in TOLLINCHI LAW. We are committed to our clients; let us help you get the settlement you deserve. Contact us today for your consultation.