Water Damage Got You Feeling Down?

Living in South Florida is a paradise for most. Great beach weather year-round makes us the envy of the nation. But for property owners, paradise can easily be lost, or at least become a source of frustration under the constant threat of tropical storms, hurricanes and being inundated by floodwaters because your home may be in a flood zone. As a result, mold, mildew, and decay can develop from any number of these different threats. If left unchecked, you may be exposing yourself to severe health conditions.

Flooding is not limited to storms. If your property is older, unbeknownst to you, your home may have pipes that are in the process of rusting and will eventually leak. This could happen when you are at work, leaving the water for several hours to saturate into everything, virtually destroying flooring laminates, to carpeting, to your drywall, and more. This is the reason why water damage is your home’s biggest enemy and your insurance company’s greatest headache. Hence, the reason we pay homeowner’s insurance to protect ourselves from these nightmares that may occur without warning.

Insurance companies are processing record numbers of water damage claims in the State of Florida. It is not surprising that some of those claims are denied or underpaid. Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. If you have been paying your premiums and now are suffering water damage to your property due to some unforeseen problem, a denied or underpaid claim is the ultimate betrayal. You have faithfully paid your insurance premium on-time for years without fail and deserve your just dues.

Let the expert attorneys at TOLLINCHI LAW help you recover any underpaid, denied, or delayed insurance claims because of water damage and regain your peace of mind. At TOLLINCHI LAW, we know that water damage can lead to devastating property damage, as well as health issues, such as the following:

● Unhealthy and toxic mold – This is caused by moisture and is extremely harmful and can lead to health problems such as respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.

● Termite infestation – Termites are attracted to wet, moist, wood. If the wood is damaged, this may cause these termites to multiply and cause further damage.

● Roof damage – This can be manifested in different ways, from discolored spots on the interior ceiling, moldy moisture, leaky roof, to serious structural issues such as a cave in.

● Broken pipes – Plumbing issues can cause nightmare scenarios that can easily flood and damage property.

● Structural damage -Weakened walls, foundation, doors, windows…etc.- caused by any type of water damage.

● Fire and explosions – Could be a result of a gas leak after water damage.

● Furniture and appliance damage – Can occur after water damage.

● Theft and vandalism from unsecured property.

Let us defend your rights. We know insurance companies have loads of attorneys that are looking for ways to deny your claim. As your advocate, you can rest assured that TOLLINCHI LAW will aggressively pursue every angle and litigate your position to achieve satisfactory results.